Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Visit to White Sands

  So my son, Jason and I went to White Sands National Monument here in New Mexico, about 50 miles from my house. Here are some photos:                                      

                     Pretty sand dunes with desert flora
                Jason writing in the sand, a message to his girlfriend.
                   Jason sledding down the dune.
                   That's me. I'm such a doofus! Good thing it is from the back.
                      This was a great dune to slide down.
                     At the top of said awesome dune for sledding.
We had a really good time. Next visit we plan to see Carlsbad Caverns.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Getting Ready for Son's Visit

I leave in a couple of hours to pick up my 21 year old son Jason from the airport. I am looking forward to his visit, haven't seen him since May. He will be here for a week so I may not find time to write. We plan to visit White Sands. I will post pics. White Sands is a pretty cool place.  I also made my first sale on Etsy. I sold this item:  

I like these earrings, I think I will make more. Don't know why I didn't already. But then again, I rarely make the same thing twice.