Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Making Faux Turquoise ala DivaDesigns

Diva Designs, aka Lynda Moseley does beautiful work with Polymer Clay. She also has worked very hard on producing tutorials so that the rest of us can learn and produce pieces at least almost as beautiful.

I had purchased a couple of her tutorials in the past,  and was drooling over the faux turquoise pendants on her Flickr page
when I found out that she was working on a tutorial that would be ready in early January of this year! I was so excited and Lynda did not disappoint. When I checked back around January 8th, I saw that it had already been in her Etsy shop for a few days already.

NEW Polymer Clay Tutorial Digital PDF Instant Download - Masterful Faux Made Easy

Of course I had to get it, and now that Etsy offers Instant Downloads of tutorials, I had it asap.

Here are a couple of my pendants made using her tutorial.

Thanks, Lynda for all your help! 

May God Bless and Keep Us.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lindy's Color Shots and Liquid Clay

While I haven't posted in 3 years, I haven't stopped making jewelry or working with polymer clay.
While I no longer do any rubber stamping/card making, I still have a lot of my rubber stamps and texture plates that I still use on polymer clay. Recently I discovered a cool site for stampers called
Lindy's Stamp Gang. You may have heard of them. They sell wonderful colors in various forms like powders and sprays. I decided to try their Color Shots, in Jamaican Jungle because it was reduced in price, maybe being discontinued, and I liked the colors.

They came in a set of 5 colors, all in not so tiny plastic containers with the colored powders. They are meant to be mixed with hot water, or various mediums like acrylic medium or alcohol. There is plenty of room in each container to add whatever medium you want and to mix and store in.
                                         The 5 colors that came in my set.
                                          I did my first experiment with Tiger Lily Red Orange
                                         This is how much is in each container. But a little goes a long way.

What I wanted to do was mix the powders with translucent liquid polymer clay. I searched the internet and could not really find anything on using the Shots with liquid clay, although their site does say you can use whatever medium you choose and to experiment. 

Now, I do not want to mix the entire amount of each powder with liquid clay- I may want to try other mediums, and this experiment is still in progress. But here I will show you what I found so far.

I took another container that I had with a rubber lid-hopefully it will keep my medium fresh- and squeezed in some Liquid Kato Polyclay in clear.  I took a plastic spoon and added about 1/8 of a teaspoon. I really didn't measure, but I did not use too much liquid clay or color. I mixed it with a toothpick and it mixed in well, no grit that I could see.
                                          The Liquid Kato Polyclay and Color Shot powder mixed. There are sparkles in the Color Shots that did not show up when mixed or in the photo.

                                              This shows how much product I mixed. The container is about 2 inches high and 1 1/2 inches in diameter.

Then I spread some of the mixture on a piece of cardstock with the toothpick and baked it according to the manufacturers directions-about 275 for 20-30 minutes. I forgot to set the timer, hee hee.

This is how it turned out. In the photo the sparkliness-is that a word?- does not show too well, but it does come out in reality. Overall I am impressed with the way it turned out. I have an idea for a pendant using 3 of the color shots with liquid clay and "painting" it on textured polymer clay. This time I will mix even smaller amounts of color and clay so do not run out of my liquid clay too fast, or  use up all the Color Shots with one medium.

I hope this experiment can be of use to anyone who likes to make jewelry with polymer clay and trying new things.

May God Bless and keep you.